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     ANAHEIM HILLS, CA 92807                                        




Ø        Over 17 years’ well-rounded experience in help desk and technical support for desktops and laptops, as well as network design and implementation

Ø        Our professional staff thoroughly familiar with the Microsoft operating system and all IBM and IBM compatible hardware

Ø        Skilled in customizing computer systems according to user need while cutting unnecessary costs to customers

Ø        Proven ability to save money using OEM or generic replacement parts

Ø        Exceptional troubleshooting skills

Ø        Able to establish a comfortable and reassuring rapport with users - courteous and respectful

Ø        Experienced in setting up and documenting processes as well as training users in processes

Ø        Quick and efficient on the orders place on site

Ø        Research and supply compatible parts for brand names such as DELL, Compaq, HP to end users, either companies or individuals

Ø        Total production and management of various computer parts such as circuit boards in high volume production facility

Ø        Provided technical support, system setup and troubleshooting by directly interfacing with the clients, Searched PCA parts for customers overseas


Selected Achievements

Ø        Saved hundreds of customers 15% or more on their computer replacement parts costs

Ø        Solved installation problem within three minutes for frustrated company that had been unable to resolve the problem with many technicians; was given the title “Einstein” to our staff


    Professional Staffs

Bachelor of Computer Science

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE), California, USA

A+ Certified personals, California, USA

IBM, IBM Compatible, MS-DOS, Windows 3.1x/98/98SE/2K/ME/XP/NT/VISTA



     English, Spanish, Japanese, Urdu, Bengali, Persian, Punjabi, and Hindi