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Compaq 200 watts Switching Power Supply(161071-001)
Original Compaq 200 Watt Power Supply - 3.3V, Dual-Aux 120-240VAC Input , 45-66Hz . 5 DC Outputs, 200 Watts Alternate Part #176764-001 Compatible Models for Compaq Spare Part Number (161071 001)Deskpro EN LFF Desktop , Deskpro EN Slim Desktop
Price: $55.00 
HP Ipilp-AR/Locktite-GL8E Motherboard(5188-7103)
Motherboard manufacturer's name: ASUS IPILP-AR HP Name: Locktite GL8E Form Factor mini-ITX form factor Dimensions: 19.3 cm (7.5") x 17.3 cm (6.8") Processor support Socket: 775 Supports these processors: Core 2 Duo E6x00 with Dual Core tec
Price: $95.00 
HP/Missouri P4 Pavilion S478 SIS Motherboard(5187-0317)
HP Pavilion Motherboard L40.Rev 1.02 Form Factor Micro ATX Chipset SIS 650 CPU Supports Intel Pentium 4 Socket mPGA 478 400MHz FSB Memory 184pin DDR ( 2 Slots) 2 GB Max DDR 266 Disk Drive Interface IDE (ATA 33/66/100) x 2 Floppy Drive x 1
Price: $65.00 
CMPQ PRES 1700 Motherboard(251368-001)
PC Board : Motherboard (system board) without memory - Does not include processor
Price: $215.00 
Genuine HP-Compaq 150 Watt Power Supply For Vectra(0950-2694)
Switching Power Supply (Delta DTPS-150AB Rev-01) - 100-240VAC Input, 45-66Hz - Six DC Outputs, 150 Watts - For Worldwide Use.
Price: $45.00 
HP Power Supply Module or Adapter(0950-4207)
One End for Connecting to the Printer and Other End for the Power Cord.
Price: $15.00 
Compaq PC Board Motherboard (system board)(319507-001)
PC Board : Motherboard (system board) - For Full-featured (FF) three fan (3F) models that have an infrared port, IEEE-1394 (FireWire) standard port - Has a port replicator connector - Does not include processor
Price: $259.00 
HP Pavilion Tablet PC Series 65W Laptop AC Adapter(381090-001)
Original HP/Compaq AC Adapter (65 Watt, Slim Form Factor) - 100-240VAC Input Voltage, 50-60Hz, 1.6A - 18.5VDC Output Voltage, 3.5A, 65-Watt - Requires a Separate 3-Wire AC Power Cord with C5 Connector.
Price: $28.00